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Time until SWTOR is released!
(Date does not include Early Game Access)

Welcome to the new Sentinels of the Light website! Hopefully you will find our website to be of a high standard and perfect for your needs. We do aim to please all of our members, so if you find a bug, want to request a new feature or anything else, let us know in the forums! The news section below displays the three latest news articles posted in our forums. Enjoy!
BioWare's James Ohlen on SWTOR's launch and beyond

ZAM Editor-in-Chief Chris "Pwyff" Tom spoke to SWTOR Game Director James Ohlen about launch day preparations, legacy system updates, SWTOR's short-term development plans, and much more!

Guild Server

The official guild server list has been released by Bioware, and we will be located on 'Hydian Way'. So for those who didn't pre-order, make sure you select 'Hydian Way' on the server select list in the future.

New Forum Theme

We have a brand new SWTOR forum theme. It is set up as the default theme and will overide your selected theme (if you chose something other than the old default).

Forum Updates

The forums now have the official SWTOR emoticons installed. Only the golden ones are visible on the posting page, but by clicking "View More Smilies" at the bottom, you can view the entire range of emoticons available. Enjoy!

SWTOR Strategies article

We are this weeks featured guild on SWTOR Strategies ( and as such, I was interviewed about our guild. Check it out ... yphos.html.